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An Important Message by Akeyla Tanksley
An Important Message by Akeyla Tanksley

August 31, 2020


Will be a time to remember. We connected with the Mid-Peninsula Teen Center in late March. Heart Blaster came to Keystone in hopes to inspire the youth, and work together to support their community at the BGC. Although our work would quickly shift over to zoom, due to covid-19, together we created something we are all proud of, Upstander. 

We continue to have conversations about what it means to be an Upstander. Ways in which we can support each other, and create change through unity and creativity within our communities. We touched on topics that the teens are passionate about, and discussed issues that have affected us all in these unprecedented times.

The fight against social injustice and racial inequalities is at the forefront of current times. It has always been, but the death of George Floyd sparked something in all of us to demand justice again, and accept no less. We are inspired by the minds of these young individuals. They are strong, resilient, and ready for their voices to be heard. 

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